A Perfect Suite of
Development And Design Services

Diversity is our middle name. We build web and mobile apps using all common frameworks to extend our capabilities and meet the needs of our client's business. All it takes to get started is a detailed description of your idea. We'll take care of the rest.
  • 01 Mobile App Development
  • 02 Web Development
  • 03 UI/UX Design
  • 04 Cloud
  • 05 CRM / ERP
We provide mobile app development services for iOS or Android devices to help your business reach a broader audience as well as let your current customers engage with your business in a more effective way. Our areas of expertise also include front and back-end development of web apps.
  • 01 iOS
  • 02 Android
  • 03 Responsive Web
  • 04 Wearables
  • 05 AppleTV
Except for the good code, any product must have an eye-catching look. We carefully focus on creating an interface that's attractive and easy to use to be sure that people will find your product appealing and intuitive. We continuously learn new trends in the world of design and implement them into the workflow.
  • 01 UI/UX
  • 02 Prototyping & Testing
  • 03 Motion Design
  • 04 Information Architecture
  • 05 Competitive research and analysis
QA Testing
Quality assurance is essential at every stage of the development process. Starting from a thorough assessment, Selecto team accurately identifies gaps and areas that need further improvement. We learn and create our own testing best practices to ensure the best quality and smooth performance of your product.
  • 01 Requirements Analysis
  • 02 Process Design
  • 03 Test Plan & Case Development
  • 04 Manual & Automated Testing
  • 05 Performance / Load Testing
We work with most in demand programming languages in order to provide a vast variety of choices. Before getting down to writing the code we will consult with you and decide which language is best to choose or will use the one that you believe fits the needs of the project.
  • 01 Swift / Objective-C
  • 02 Android
  • 03 Node.js
  • 04 AngularJS / React / Redux
  • 05 Python / PHP