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Digital products design and engineering

Selecto is a company transforming the way people interact with each other, treat themselves, entertain, and do their business. As the design-thinking is a core tenet of our work, we keep our customers in the center of everything we do. We don’t follow the established patterns, but we create the new ones, explore, learn, iterate, prototype, and iterate again to tailor the product to the human needs.


Realizing the potential of the blockchain, CEO of Wizebit, approached our team to create distributed ledger products that guarantee high-level security and reliability.


Meet Diprella, an education platform that makes it easy for professionals to learn from each other, improve their knowledge, and get valuable feedback.


Ms Fit is a brand new fitness application allowing women in Saudi Arabia to workout at home under the guidance of a personal coach or using the tips and programs recommended by the app.
  • Alex, CEO of Life4Me+
    The newly launched app support users in 156 countries through a UN initiative. Throughout the engagement, Selecto’s professionalism, creativity, and logical designs added value and innovation to the complex product.
  • Elizavetta, CEO of Roundlaw
    Since its soft launch, the MVP already has achieved a 35% conversion rate. Selecto’s consistent performance, competitive price point, and “out of the box” market knowledge continue to promote a strong relationship.