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Empowering Women Take Care about Their Well-Being

Today, we embark on a new era of equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of gender, religion, national origin, color, etc. It’s everyone’s responsibility to make equality a reality in the fastest way possible. But each country has its peculiarities and differences that should be approached with a diligence and thorough research of the culture. It’s where the technology can come into play.
Ms Fit is a brand new fitness application allowing women in Saudi Arabia to workout at home under the guidance of a personal coach or using the tips and programs recommended by the app.
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Women in Saudi Arabia were not allowed to practise sports anywhere except their homes. That’s why Ms Fit’s founder Yousef decided to address this challenge and reimagine the way Arab women take care of their physical well-being.
The Selecto’s mission here was not only to present clean and intuitive design but to create an entirely new product from scratch.

Our Solution

Our solution was a mobile application that served as a small pocket gym that women can access at any time. Moreover, every user has an opportunity to use the services of a professional coach who can instruct and help her with the training.
Main Goal
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Crucial to the success of the implementation was research and investigation of the cultural sensitivities and women’s pain points at the beginning — what challenges they may face, how their daily routine look like, what part of the day is the most convenient for them to work out, etc. The data we gathered at that stage, helped us prototype the app, make essential iterations, and successfully roll out the ready-made digital product.
Essentials in one place
The main screen is a navigator through the whole app. It allows to quickly access all essential features such as exercises, schedule, meals, etc.
Gamification as Motivation
People like to be rewarded for their efforts. For each completed training program, a woman receives a ribbon. In such way, the app supports and motivates women to workout and keep using Ms Fit.
Control your Calories
We had to build an app for mobile to let the coach contact clients on the go and a web CRM that allows them to build an individual meal plans and send them to the clients.
Yousef, Founder of MsFit
The app’s 27,000 users give it a 95% satisfaction rating and love the concept, design, and UI/UX. Selecto treats business partners like family, taking the time to patiently explain each step in the process. They take a thoughtful, straightforward, and collaborative approach to ideation and strategy.
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