Helper for visually impaired people

TapTapSee is an assistive app designed to help blind and low-vision people recognize objects through search-and-identify technology.

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Everyday people encounter thousands of things. And those with blindness and low vision encounter difficulties as well.

Designing a product that is useful and makes it easier for people with visual impairments to execute their daily tasks was our primary goal.

Tap, tap, see


Simplicity, speed and accuracy were our top priorities. We approached using the screen space very carefully to get an extremely simple interface.

With only 3 buttons, in 3 steps users are able to take a photo of any item and listen to its audio identification.

TM on iOS screenshot
Branding for TM offline presence


American Foundation for the Blind Access Award Recipient

Royal National Institute for the Blind, App of the month

Inductee to AppleVis iOS Hall of Fame

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