All-in-one management platform

Qliqloq logo design

Qliqloq is a smart system that helps both managers and employees to organize the workflow for efficiency and transparency.

Mobile design

Qliqloq: workflow management platform



A client approached Selecto to redesign a workflow management platform for businesses operating in the food industry – restaurants, hotels, food courts and other.

Our design team worked to digitalize internal business processes while simplifying managing experience. We also refreshed brand visual identity, adding some bright colors to the product.

Managing experience, simplified


A new way to plan, organize, and monitor workflow with ease. With Qliqloq, managers and business owners now have more time to focus on the business strategy and what really matters while improving team's efficiency.

Branding for Qliqloq

One app, two audiences


To cover the needs of another type of users, employees, our team designed a separate view with different functionality. In the employee mode, users could request sick-leaves, view their working time and schedule.

Qliqloq on different devices
Qliqloq visuals for Instagram
Qliqloq offline marketing

Accessibility, convenience


We keep reports and dashboards clear and accessible to provide users with statistical and real-time visibility into spendings, working time, team availabilty, and other useful data.

Qliqloq dashboard
Qliqloq mobile: dashboards, reports
Qliqloq business cards design
Qliqloq accessories design
Qliqloq posters design
Qliqloq corporate accessories design

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