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Baskette is a pocket restaurant advisor that connects users with places serving meals within their dietary and health habits.

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Eating healthy is a choice that, in turn, requires willpower, time and commitment.

We aimed to design an intuitive experience to support people in sticking to their diets and health goals even when going out. With Baskette, finding a place for a dinner becomes easier, faster and more enjoyable.

"I felt like I was part of the team. It was a personalized experience as the team is small, yet dynamic. They were very proficient in modern design tools which they used to provide a state-of-the-art prototype."

Chuka Ufomadu
CEO, Baskette

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Choices made easier


Choosing a diet or a dish makes the relevant restaurants appear on the screen with interior photos and the details like distance, rating and pricing. For users who are not sure about their food preferences we offer to find the matching place by playing a game. Let's play?

Baskette app screenshots

Special attention to visuals


Good food, good mood. Through warm, pleasing colours and appealing images we wanted to show the variety of healthy dishes and nice places to choose from as well as air the good vibes only.

Baskette app screenshots
Baskette mobile interfaces

Smooth user flows


Whether users intend to find a restaurant, check their caloric intake or browse dishes, diets, we designed their path to be as easy as possible. Also, for users' convenience, we placed the main tabs in the bottom to keep them easily accessible.

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