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There is lots of information about trends out there. And usually, the different points contradict one another. So we decided to highlight the main things which are going to create magic in design in the upcoming year.

Illustration is an Evergreen Trend

So, which illustration do you need to use to be trendy? And which would not make a significant change in the design of your idea?

It still would be nice to use isometric and simplified drawings because they would be the fastest way to visualize your idea. If you wish to stand out, take the courage to add unusual elements to your design. In simple terms, add a rich range of shapes, colors, textures, and heroes.

Illustration as a design trend

What about realistic, 3D, and surrealistic abstract formats, though? They will make your product noticeable. One more tendency that may be here to stay is monochrome or color filtered images.

Of course, we are not inventing the wheel - all beneficial approaches already exist, and they are constantly changing each other. It is a great idea to connect your typical style with something new. Why do we suggest combining the old with the new? Because we don't want to scare your users. As an example, the mixture of vintage style in illustration (it is not a novelty) with futuristic concepts (it is a fresh design) can upgrade your digital product in 2020 while still feeling comfortable for your end-users.

Vivid Colors vs. Muted Palette

Gradients are everywhere. They are becoming one of the hottest UI/UX design trends. The most popular technics of gradients are flat, low contrast, textured design.

Choosing colors is tricky. Some trends focus on the bold, bright, and vibrant palette. Yet, color experts advise us to avoid overuse of such tones because it can feel aggressive and often even uncomfortable to our eyes. Vivid colors can be a great tool. But like almost anything else, they are best applied in balance with muted tones. This same story is true of the monochrome palette.

Pantone Trend Colors next year will be Lush Lava, Aqua Menthe, and Phantom Blue. Mother Nature’s palette is supposed to dominate in interfaces design because one of human needs is to be surrounded by nature.

Bright colours as a design trend

Font Customization

2020 is going to be a happy year for throwback for Sans Serif fonts, ornate vintage styles, and kinetic animated fonts. Using outdated fonts to make fresh designs is a trendy solution nowadays.

Customised fonts asa design trend

Custom, human-crafted fonts, and handwritten text remains a hot detail in 2020. So we keep using it. Decorative typography, bold typography divided into multiple lines, and semi-transparent fonts forming various shapes create a modern composition. Simple, bold typography has been an influential 2019 trend and continues in 2020 as well.

Creating a Hero-product Instead of Storytelling

Storytelling is used in both UI and UX. It's based on the information you’ve gained from the design process. The key to storytelling in design is about helping to improve the customer's experience with your digital product. This engagement should be as easy and smooth as possible. A good story helps the customer understand the aim of your product properly.

Inserting story in design helps your product show values. In design, the story is about evoking feelings and becoming a hero for your end user.

Creating a hero-product

Bottom Line

Trends are changing, but the main things remain the same. It’s always a cool idea to mix something old with something modern. The most important point is to keep things simple. Handy and convenient visual solutions will help users to rely on your product and follow your brand.

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