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Each year, the highest rated companies are highlighted among top service providers from all over the world, also known as the 1000 Global Leaders by Clutch. For each particular segment only 15 service providers are selected, regardless of their locations.

As Clutch is a trusted B2B market research platform with its well-known unique rating methodology and rigorous researching, it’s our absolute pleasure to be featured among these 15 winners.

How does Clutch select Global Leaders? While Clutch analysts do not disclose all the details of their ranking algorithm, the selection process is based on the company’s industry expertise and ability to deliver.

Industry expertise includes the focus of services offered by the company, its expertise and accomplishments in a particular industry. As a full-service digital product agency, we concept, design and engineer products, taking ideas from end to end. Our core expertise still remains UX/UI design.

To evaluate the ability to deliver, Clutch analysts look carefully into companies’ client reviews, work experience, and market presence. The latter includes companies’ marketing efforts, brand reputation, accolades received and ability to innovate in the industry, also known as thought leadership.

Talking about Selecto’s experience, we have worked with clients to advance their solutions and clients launching their very first products. Some customers were already thriving but eager to seize a new opportunity or innovate in a new field. From startups to well-established businesses Selecto partners with companies throughout the world - US, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, UK, Ukraine, Portugal, Brazil, China, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Republic of the Congo and more.

Among our customers are a healthcare global leader operating in 160+ countries, one of the largest African online streaming services, a leading freight services provider in the US and Canada, top online medicine provider in the MENA, one of the biggest bakery groups in Switzerland, operating since 1893, and others.

Since reviews are the primary ranking factor, we would like to thank our clients for the trust they placed in us and the warm words addressed to Selecto team. Helping our customers to propel their ideas forward is what makes our work meaningful. Also, we’re grateful to Clutch team for recognizing our work. See the projects we've recently worked in our portfolio.

Selecto client reviews are available on our profile.

And if you have a project in mind - just get in touch, we’re curious about working on new ideas.

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