Beyond the Internet: Helping People Connect in Rural Areas in India


While we talk about the rapid growth of advanced technologies with childish excitement, we forget that some parts of our planet still lack a very basic for digitalization thing — the internet. The irony is that only the technology can break that digital isolation, and at the same time give people from remote regions better access to better quality of life. The internet penetration in rural India was 20.26% in December 2017 in comparison to 64.84 % in Urban areas. That’s why WOOM can become a handy tool for local citizens of all ages allowing them to connect with each other at any time. All people need to get the app is a cell phone.
iOS, Android


To learn the cultural specifics and patterns, Selecto conducted dozens of interviews with the potential users, talked to the experts in sociology, culturology, and psychology, looked to the similar apps to understand their algorithms and the ways they integrate with people’s lives. The goal we set ourselves was to make app as intuitive that even for the smallest customers, the user journey was a breeze.

Our Solution

After a half-year collaboration, Selecto came up with a mobile application combining a unique interface and communication functions tailored to the needs of Indians living in rural areas. What is so special about the app? Because of the poor access to quality education in the country villages the illiteracy comes issue.
To avoid the frustration among different user groups, we were challenged to create a common language like a digital Esperanto but for locals. That’s why our app doesn’t have the text buttons, only icons and visual symbols recognizable for the customers. Among the various app functions, there’s an option to use templates for quick messages, greetings, etc. If somebody leaves a voice message, a bot can transcribe that message allowing one to learn conversational words and phrases.

Handy Mobile App

Social application helps citizens from remote areas in India communicate despite a poor internet connection.