Designing the Future of Digital Security

In 2018, the business world was shaken by the rapid rise of the blockchain, and it’s predicted to grow 2.3 billion U.S. dollars by 2021. The blockchain technologies ensure a new level of security and privacy. It seems quite encouraging if we look back at the recent years — confidential information breaches, financial and user data leaks and hacks, sensitive data is flowing via various channels and networks.
Realizing the potential of the blockchain, CEO and founder of Wizebit approached our team to create distributed ledger products that guarantee high-level security and reliability.
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Embedded as a core team, Selecto designers and developers worked closely with the founders of Wizebit to crystallize the ideas and translate our vision into an integrated solution. We’ve got an ambitious plan to bring customers safety to the whole new level. The primary challenge was to create a product (or a few ones) that is logical and simple for the end user, but at the same time robust and secure.

Our Solution

We came up with three advanced blockchain solutions — Wizefactor, Ghostdrive, and Luna.
Wizefactor 4А Authenticator App
Ghost Drive Blockchain data storage
Luna Blockchain AI assistent


The first solution which we crafted from scratch is Wizefactor, a four-factor authentication system that is going to be among a few on the market to have such solid verification algorithms. It means that the users will be able to login in 4 different ways — with their face, voice, phone number, and a media file.
Ghost Drive
The second product, Ghostdrive, is a blockchain data storage, encryption, and file sharing platform. Ghostdrive takes the uploaded document and splits it into millions of pieces, which can only be reassembled by the user with a private key.


Luna is a blockchain-based assistant designed to act as a master device connecting all the smart devices at the user’s home seamlessly and securely. Selecto is responsible for the Luna’s learning journey. We apply the latest machine learning algorithms to teach the technology to ‘think’ and take control of people’s privacy.
Roman Tykhovskiy, CEO of Wizebit
It’s a great pleasure for me to work with Selecto. I’m impressed by the level of their expertise and professionalism. Blockchain is a relatively new technology, and it’s not an easy task to find a reliable partner for both design and development. But I’m lucky to have met the Selecto team. I am sure Wizebit products are in good hands.