Designing a New Learning Experience with Mobile Flashcard App


Nowadays, the education systems in many countries fail to meet the needs of the fast-growing global market and prepare the high-quality talents to the challenges of tomorrow. That’s why alternative education is at the top of its popularity now. People learn in many different ways, and informal learning can ensure flexibility regarding the formats, pace, and learning methods. For example, the flashcards proved its efficiency in studying of languages and science. The founders of Mobile Flashcard App decided to take this method to a brand-new level and create an interactive mobile solution for every student.


The company founders asked Selecto to redesign the application, improve its usability and make its interface more catchy and appealing to the youth. Our primary challenge was to boost conversions and encourage the customers to use the app on a regular basis. That’s why, besides the customers' interviews, we did in-depth market research to find out how our product can gain a competitive advantage over similar solutions.

Our Solution

After putting ourselves into the shoes of the students, out team decided to change the entire user flow of the app and make a new design from the ground up. Every learner can create customized flashcards, add images, texts, media files, and even change the app screen color theme. Also, the users can set up the comfortable frequency of the notifications - once per day, week or month. Moreover, the application automatically picks an article from the internet full of words and terms that the person tries to memorize.

Mobile Flashcard App

We develop an interactive mobile solution for every student. They can create customized flashcards, which help to improve knowledge in different discipline.
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