Innovative Rewarding System for the Loyal Customers


Attracting a new client is a far more expensive luxury that retaining an old one. Why don’t businesses invest their efforts into creating the long-lasting relationship with the current clients and start saving money straight away? We’ve even contributed to the design of the right solution for that — Sprout, a mobile app that allows retail companies and restaurants to reward the customers for their loyalty to the brand. Our team loved the idea from the moment wep heard about it and tried our best to make it come true.
iOS, Android, Web
US, Canada


The primary goal of the app is to motivate customers to buy from businesses. Thus, we had not only to present a functioning and nice-looking product but to create the reason why people want to use it.

Our Solution

At first, we set out to build the scenarios for each target group (end users and companies) to move on to creating wireframes and detailed designs. The thorough data gathering and analysis helped us define all possible customer touchpoints, introduce the app architecture and development strategy.
The app contains a map displaying all the businesses that had joined the Sprout program. By clicking on pins, the users can quickly find the information about the company. Also, we managed to design a gamification system aimed at engaging the customers and making their shopping experience a fascinating journey. For each purchase, a buyer earns tokens — sprouts — which one’s could spend later as bonuses or refer to a friend.

App that rewards you

We released an application that makes people more loyal, as well as motivates them to support local businesses. Also, we gave business owners a tool that allows them to improve and grow by making data-based decisions.
George Visan, Founder of Sprout
Selecto’s resources had significant expertise in their fields; their passion for the work was clear. Their efforts contributed to the app’s high retention rates.
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