Designing a Credible Platform for Lawyers in Brazil


Nowadays, the lack of choice is not an issue anymore, but the problem is how to choose the best option out of a thousand? In particular, when we talk about the legal services where the human expertise and approaches play a significant role. For sure, you can search online, ask for advice from your colleague, but how would you check that the lawyer is a reliable expert in the area?
Such entrepreneurs from Brazil like Elizaveta Uvarova, CEO and Founder of Roundlaw, see this challenge as an opportunity. In 2016, Liza came up with the idea of Roundlaw, a digital visibility platform for lawyers in Brazil helping them promote their expertise in an innovative way.
iOS, Android, Web


Selecto set out to create a beautiful and intuitive website aimed to engage the users and provide them with the memorable and positive experience. Working alongside Liza and Roundlaw team, we designed a brand new platform with a robust backend, user-friendly workflow, motion graphics, and a wide range of functions that match the customer needs.

Our Solution

Today, Roundlaw is a number-one professional marketplace in Brazil. Each city in the country has a rate of top 5 lawyers in different domains. It makes it easy for the attorneys to promote their expertise, and for those who are looking for an expert — to get access to the first-class legal services.
Elizavetta Uvarova, CEO Roundlaw
Since its soft launch, the MVP already has achieved a 35% conversion rate. Selecto’s consistent performance, competitive price point, and “out of the box” market knowledge continue to promote a strong relationship.
Сonversion rate in 2 months after the product launch
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