Streamlining Operations in Real Estate Business


In the era of Big Data, more and more often the companies question themselves how to filter and structure the information and get the most out of it. When it comes to the real estate industry, there are no compromises. After cherishing the idea for years, people finally can afford to buy their dream house or apartment, your primary goal is to make that image become a reality in the best way.
The founders of Realforce deeply understand how important such things as information structure and security are for the successful real estate business. That’s why they came up with the idea of Realforce, a CRM system assembling all the necessary information in one place.
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If we were asked to describe the work on this project in one word, it would be simplicity. The Realforce team approached us with a very specific problem — how to improve UI/UX and make the content-heavy system look clean and logical? Well, that’s exactly the type of issues we love to tackle. First and foremost, we dived into the piles of data, examined how the systems works, figured out how to reduce the information and simplify the way it was displayed.

Our Solution

Alongside with the Realforce experts, we created a new CRM system, well-articulated and user-friendly. To make the information more coherent, Selecto developed a Pipeline that allowed real estate brokers to track the status of the property. Furthermore, each user can create a basic website showcasing the object for sale. Also, basing on the queries that clients send into the CRM system, the real estate agents can generate customized offers.
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To check the progress, the agency owners are able to access the statistics both on each broker and the whole department or office. The electronic document management system which we developed from the ground up allows employees to exchange the information in a fast and secure way.

New CRM System

We made the user-friendly interface. A new CRM system became an integral part of agents daily routine which helps their workflow to be more efficient.
Business processes streamlined
Boosted employee productivity
CRM system for the real estate in Switzerland