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Helping Discover Things Around Us Just in One Click


Imagine that you like the suit your friend is wearing. What if you could make a photo of it, and immediately get the suggestions where to buy the outfit at an affordable price? Or, let’s say, you are preparing for an exam and want to know more info about the image you saw in a book. You just take a picture of it and get all the available details online — videos, articles, etc. Exploring the world around is easier with Image Recognition App. It leverages human and machine intelligence allowing you to discover any object in real-time and find it online just in seconds.
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The app founders were looking to change the way how people learn about the world, but to achieve their ambitious goal they needed a reliable partner for the application design. The primary challenge company faced at that time was low customer retention rate and complicated user flow. So, our team applied all of our skills and expertise to tackle this challenge and come up with engaging app design.

Our Solution

Selecto did profound market and technology research. It helped us guide the design process and provide us with the key insights on how different search engines work, what marketplaces should we connect to, and how to make the process of image capturing and recognition as smooth as possible.
The outcome of our work was a fully redesigned application with improved user flow, modern interface, and brand-new features. In the updated app, people are able to store the search results in the folders and save the images in the offline mode to find the object later. Users can filter the content according to their interests and navigate the various in-app pages with ease. Besides the application interface and landing page design, we developed a fresh brand identity that clearly communicates the product idea.

Mobile visual search engine

With the help of the app, every user can share one’s findings, connect and follow other searchers, bookmark the items one loves, and even set notifications reminders.
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Increased customer retention rate
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