Helping HIV-Positive People Live Their Life to the Fullest


In the world where the technologies enable us to engineer human bodies and brains, it seems that nothing is impossible. However, we are only at the very start of a more significant revolution, especially in medicine. Meanwhile, the brightest scientists are searching for the cure for such disease as HIV/AIDs, we (designers and software developers) can create solutions allowing thousands of patients around the world enjoy their life and minimize any discomfort related to the illness.
We are happy to introduce you Life4Me+, a mobile and web application that helps establish communication between doctors and HIV-positive people.
iOS, Android, Web


Alexander Schneider, a doctor from Switzerland, approached Selecto for help in designing advanced, patient-centric experience that redefines the attitude of HIV+ people to their treatment, and at the same time, empowers physicians to provide better services to their clients. Our team was responsiblenot only for the app prototyping and design but also for the branding and product website.

Our Solution

To create a design that appeals both to patients, first and foremost, we had to understand how patients with HIV live with the disease. Our team did competitor research, conducted in-depth interviews with the patients and doctors and sought inspiration via similar apps. Thanks to that findings, we could define the critical milestones in the user journey and map out a product development strategy.
We created a sophisticated dashboard that allows navigating through the app easily and induces the patient to communicate with the doctor. All test results are presented as graphs and charts that make it easy to ‘digest’ the information and monitor the treatment dynamics and efficiency from any device at any time. The app also contains an interactive map. By tapping pins, the patient receives information about clinics and their specialists, as well as pharmacies that have necessary medications.

Monitor your Health

The app allows one to set daily personalized reminders for medication intake, keep track of personal health, and at the same, always stay anonymous and organized.
Alex Schneider, Founder of Life4Me+
The newly launched app support users in 156 countries through a UN initiative. Throughout the engagement, Selecto’s professionalism, creativity, and logical designs added value and innovation to the complex product.
Qualified doctors
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