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Creating Design that Boosts Website Conversions

AI is the future, they say. And the proof is the speed the intelligent technologies integrate into our lives with. Machine learning and visual recognition systems continue to evolve and improve the algorithms they use. Our client, an Image Recognition API makes it possible to recognize, classify and get a natural language description of any visual content with high accuracy. The company approached Selecto with the goal to increase the website conversion rate and improve the user engagement.
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The conversion rate of the company’s website was very low. Selecto’s mission was to redesign it, so users got interested in the product and took key actions. After gathering the insights from the team, customers, experts, and analytic tools, Selecto created a prototype of the new website.

Our Solution

We entirely changed the customer dashboard and user flow, made it more convenient and responsive. Moreover, now all the visitors can check how it works by uploading the image right on the website. This option helped the company boost the conversion by 10 % in a short time after website launch.
An Image Recognition API
With high quality image recognition, the API recognizes, captions, and classifies the details of an image within seconds.
21 k
Registered users
1 bil
Images recognized
Conversion rate after the website redesign
30 k+
Website visits per month