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Creating the First-Ever Social Hub on Blockchain


Social media seemed to be fun but only up to the moment when the user’s data was used by a third-party for manipulating people’s minds. The Facebook scandal sow the seeds of panic worldwide — how can we secure our personal information and ensure online privacy and anonymity? The answer is just around the corner, and it’s a blockchain technology. The decentralized social networks can be a great alternative to the existing social media.
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The social media mentioned above is the first blockchain-based social hub that enables every network member to control personal information. Moreover, it provides multiple options for the content monetization. Our principal role was to develop a new backend and frontend, enhance the platform’s functionality, and improve its usability. From the outset, we did research and analysed all the popular social media to define the product roadmap. The major peculiarity of the platform lies in its focus on cryptocurrency. All its tools are tailored to the needs of crypto lovers.

Crypto Community

The distributed network gathers all the necessary information in one place — user can choose how their info is used and which platforms to interact with, get news about cryptocurrency market, monetize the posts, and many more useful features.

Future of Social Media

Blockchain is transforming the way how people communicate, and our clients, founders of blockchain-based social network don’t wait for the future to come, they create it right now, with us.
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