Sprout there

Loyalty application that
rewards you

Project Overview
Do you like to share regardless if that is your time or just a cup of coffee? The loyalty of our client brought him to us with the idea of creating an app that rewards people for their support of local businesses and kindness to the others. The more you shop and share the more valuable the rewards become. We loved the idea behind this app and did our best to make it come true.
  • Industries Ecommerce
  • Technologies ObjectiveC, Java, NodeJS, HTML5
  • Period Apr ’16 — Jun ‘17
  • Platforms iOS, Android, website
  • Region US, Canada
Design Process
The application consists of user and business part. Each of them follows certain goals, so at first, we had to build scenarios for each part in order to move on to creating wireframes and detailed designs. Together with our development team we put down all the actions that users and businesses should be able to do and organized them into a mind map to understand where they intersect and how we need to build their mutual interaction. The next step was to present the wireframes to our client in order to show our vision of the app design and hear Client's point of view. Once everyone was happy with the wireframes, we moved on to creating actual user interface.
User Interface Design
The main goal of the app is to induce customers to buy from businesses that are a part of Sprout program, so the interface had to be rather appealing, simple and engaging
  • Interactive Sprout map
    The map shows all businesses that are a part of Sprout program. Users can interact with the map by clicking on pins and so, find out the information about the business
  • Effortless local
    business support
    The design and functionality of the app make it easy for the users to refer their favorite places to friends. The more you refer, the more valuable the rewards become
  • Gamification as a way
    of engagement
    Sprouts are tokens that people earn as they shop and refer to friends. This way we wanted to make the shopping process seem like a game and induce users to play more
Landing page
Landing page generalized the info for businesses and customers. With its look, we had had to attract new clients and instill the reliability. We succeeded by combining warm green and cozy brown colors, enrolling effects and brisk conclusions presented in every info section
The development process included the following tools and technologies: UX/UI Prototyping, modern motions effects, iOS and Android newest features, payment integration, QR code scanning feature, Laravel framework for BE
  • Motion
    Core Animation
  • Location
    Core Location
  • API requests
  • Payment system
    In-App Purchase
  • Map
  • Scanning Business
    AV Fundation
  • Business and user Photo
  • Cloud Messaging
  • Realtime DB
  • Test tools
“Selecto’s resources had significant expertise in their fields; their passion for the work was clear. Their efforts contributed to the app’s high retention rates”
On one hand, we released an application that makes people more loyal, as well as motivates them to support local businesses. On the other hand, we gave business owners a tool that allows them to improve and grow by making data-based decisions.
  • 150 + Businesses joined
  • 3 Platforms
  • 2.5k + Total users
  • 5 Publications