Ms Fit

Working out at home
just became easier

Project Overview
Ms Fit is a brand new fitness application which allows women to workout at home under the guidance of a personal coach or using the tips and programs recommended by the app. We were challenged to build two different by purposes iPhone apps and one web app. On the user part, we had to create a solution that allows women easily manage their meals and workouts plans, regardless of whether they have a coach or not. On the coach part, we had to build an app for iPhone to let the coach contact clients on the go and a web CRM that allows them to build an individual meal and workout plans and send them to the clients.
  • Industry Sport and Wellness
  • Technologies ObjectiveC, Java, NodeJS, HTML5
  • Period Dec ’16 — ongoing
  • Platforms IOS, Android, web
  • Region GCC countries
Design Process
There already is a plenty of fitness applications on the market, so firstly, we had to research top competitors in the niche to generate ideas on how to make our client's app original and standing out. Having the structure of core app features and steps built we got down to creating a more detailed look of the app. As the first concepts of the interface were ready, we showed them to our client to see if they needed any further improvements
Trainee Part
Ms Fit is a multifunctional fitness app with dozens of features and possibilities. Our task was to present a clean and intuitive look that would contribute to the goals of the app.
  • Essentials in one place
    The main screen is a navigator through the whole app. But besides that, it allows to quickly access all important things like exercises that need to be done and meals to be eaten, etc.
  • Design that contributes
    to the goals
    We have created an aesthetically pleasing look that reinforces the goals of the application. Every detail is thought through very well. All together they lead the user and tell what exactly she has to do.
  • Gamification as a way
    of motivation
    People like to be rewarded for their efforts. For each completed training program, user receives a ribbon, This way the app supports and motivates women to workout and keep using Ms Fit
Trainer Part
Both iPhone apps were developed in the X-code environment using the flexible and dynamic Objective C. For the web part we used Angular 2 (Front-end) and PHP/Laravel (Back-end). Ms Fit is integrated with Twitter and Instagram, thus allowing users create accounts using the data from corresponding media. Last but not least, we build an integration with Hyper Pay to enable payments for coach's services with Visa and MasterCard.
  • iOS
    objective C
  • environtment
  • Frontend
  • Backend
    PHP, Laravel
  • Payments
  • GSS payments
  • Chat & DB
  • Motion
    Core Animation
  • Analytics
  • Debug
Ultimately, we created an application that allows women of Saudi Arabia have their own little gym and a personal coach all without leaving the house. Coaches, on the other hand, can expand their customer base without the need to buy new sports equipment or rent a bigger gym.
  • 200 + screens designed
  • 3 platforms
  • 6 months of work