Life4me +

Live a full life regardless
of the diagnosis

Project Overview
Life4Me+ is a mobile and web application that helps to establish communication between physicians and HIV+ positive people. Patients can get doctor's recommendations, schedule appointments and blood tests with a couple taps. But most importantly, the app allows to set concealed and personalized reminders for medication intake, thus providing anonymity. This project came to us from swiss doctor Alexander Schneider. We were challenged to design mobile and web interface for the patient and doctor part that would contribute to the overall goals of the app.
  • Industry Healthcare
  • Technologies UX/UI design for users, doctors
    and business part
  • Period Jun ’16 — Oct’16
  • Platforms IOS, Android, web
  • Region Switzerland
Design Process
Before getting down to creating wireframes and detailed design of the screens, we learned some best practices applied for solutions created for health care industry. When done, we had a clear plan on how to move forward. At first, we mapped out all scenarios that both the patient and the doctor can go through in order to understand the amount of work that needs to be done. Having done that we moved on to creating wireframes to give our client a clue of what the app would look like. Multiple options were made in order to find the best one.
Patient Part
Since the application is meant to help HIV+ people undergo the treatment and communicate with the doctor easily, the design was supposed to contribute to those goals.
  • Dashboard
    with a purpose
    We created a coherent dashboard that allows navigating through the app easily and induces the user to communicate with the doctor.
  • Simple graphs for
    quick evaluation
    All test results are compiled in coherent graphs, thus allowing the patient to quickly assess the dynamics and effectiveness of the treatment.
  • More than just a map
    The map is not only informative but also interactive. By tapping pins, the patient receives information about clinics and their doctors, as well as pharmacies that have necessary medications.
Doctor Part
All data within the app is organized to keep the interface simple and clean on all screen sizes, regardless of the device used to access the web app.
Landing page
The website carries out multiple functions: it guides, explains and answers questions. So, we had to build a structure where each page would satisfy the needs of both doctors and patients. And so we did. We combined two user stories within a single interface but gave each a clear path to follow. As for the design, we knew that the look of the website had to be easy and prepossessing, so we chose blue as it is best suited for healthcare and liked by both men and women. Same colors are used in patient and doctor apps, thus creating an integral look on all platforms.
Our task was to create a logo that HIV+ people could relate to, however, make it impossible for any other person to tell what the app is for just by looking at the icon. So, we used a red ribbon as a basic symbol but put it in a different color, shape, and perspective, so at a first glance, all you see is a digit 4.
“The newly launched app supports users in 156 countries through a UN initiative. Throughout the engagement, Selecto’s professionalism, creativity, and logical designs added value and innovation to the complex product.”
Now, there is an application that not only with its functions but also with its excellent design helps HIV + people on their way to recovery, supporting and motivating them to undergo treatment, letting them live their life to the fullest no matter what.
  • 200 + doctors joined
  • 3 platforms
  • 1 k+ patients joined
  • 7 publications